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welcome to my website!

i'm a person on the internet who likes to make things

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art/project log!

  • mostly before 2023 - working on a fake corporate website for loktis
    a gif of a webpage with a fullscreen animation of a rotating structure in space. in the center of the screen is a logo featuring a large letter W with the rightmost line extending higher than the left, and the text 'WOLFRAM INNOVATIONS' underneath it
  • mostly preoccupied with my working on my website (and/or depression ahaha)
  • Dec 19 2022 - WIP, modeling the homepage scenery in blender
    a screenshot of a work in progress low poly scene made in blender, depicting a treehouse and some structures built into a rock, lit with moody purple lighting
  • Dec 15 2022 - started working on MelancholyMinus... again
    a screenshot of a minecraft world with beta-esque textures
  • This section was added

Site last updated January 24 2023

update log

  • Jan 24 2023 - added a blur effect to the panels holding the page content + slightly tweaked worm series book
  • Jan 20 2023 - changed the books for 12 days and the worm series + added a link to my practically nonexistent tumblr (lets see if i actually use it)
  • Jan 17 2023 - some more style changes eaheheaehaeha + added alt text to the images in the art and update logs
  • Dec 23 2022 - total redo of my site, now using 11ty! i changed the overall layout and color scheme, and my workflow should be much nicer now. I did sorta roll back the style of the homepage, because to be honest i was sorta starting to dislike the previous one, and how it didn't have the navbar. pretty much every page is a little different now, so have a look around! i also added some screenshots of previous versions to the update log.
  • last screenshots of my website before The Great Eleventyification:
    an older version of this site's homepage an older version of this site's about page an older version of this site's projects page an older version of this site's gallery an older version of this site's links page
  • Nov 05 2022 - removed the lower borders on the headers on the 404 page, which looked weird
  • Nov 04 2022 - overhauled the library and updated the loktis "book" again. also added a "catalogue" of all the projects on that page, including brief descriptions for all of them including those I haven't made pages for yet! + changed textures of project button on homepage + changes to headings + changes to fonts in the gallery + some new links
  • Oct 19 2022 - removed link to RSS until i actually figure out how to use it and what to do with it + updated positioning of update/todo-list box
  • Oct 17 2022 - updated The Loktis Project page to better fit my current vision of the project + other minor changes
  • Oct 10 2022 - overhauled homepage with new layout, new moon logo (again), random splash text, status, and 88x31 buttons! + new header style + a new animation in the gallery!
    an older version of this site's homepage
  • Oct 07 2022 - added glow to containers and navbar buttons when hovered, slightly tweaked homepage scenery sprites, added the original 3d background renders and a new piece to the gallery + new links
    an older version of this site's homepage
  • Oct 04 2022 - added background to the gallery, and added a link to it in the homepage scenery!
  • Oct 01 2022 - tucked away update log and to-do list into their own lil hidden sections! + fixed glow on the loktis page's project status text + smaller scrollbars
  • Sep 30 2022 - updated moon logo, added a piece to the gallery and made all the pieces display smaller + some fun chain dividers in links
  • Sep 25 2022 - added an art page! + Ko-fi buttons! + new navbar + homepage bg sprites disappear when the page width is too small
  • Sep 23 2022 - added some links to the links page, changed hover effect for "books" in the library
  • Sep 21 2022 - another big update! added RNAworld page + css tweaks + changed Loktis book + color palette changes because i am NEVER satisfied + homepage background scenery changes + todo list!
  • Sep 14 2022 - biiig update! made homepage more consise, added about me page & lots of format changes + more responsive layouts
  • Sep 08 2022 - created Worm Series page and updated the Loktis Project page
  • Sep 04 2022 - created the about me page! finally, the navbar is complete! (even if said about me page is very much a work in progress)... + updated distant crossroads in homepage bg
  • Sep 04 2022 - created the shrines page and a shrine for my friend's character tilde! + updated loktis page
  • Aug 27 2022 - conesssss
  • Aug 26 2022 - added a page for Loktis! + more format changes all over + bg crossroads on homepage + unfinished projects are darker, clickable images/buttons in library & crossroads glow when hovered
  • Aug 24 2022 - added links page! (wip)
  • Aug 23 2022 - minor format and text changes + added library to the bg on the homepage!
  • Aug 22 2022 - changed text box background color
  • Aug 21 2022 - updated homepage and added update log; added projects page (no links working yet)
  • Past this point, i didn't properly record my site's history, and all i have are screenshots

  • an older version of this site's homepage taken August 19, 2022
  • an older version of this site's homepage the earliest iteration of this site - taken June 8, 2022

to-do list!

  • add 3d background to homepage
  • add more 3d scenery to the landing page
  • give the 12 days and worm series "books" actual books (while still keeping their props maybe?)
  • more shrines
  • maybe personalize the me-on-other-sites links a bit more?
  • maybe make the links page a bit neater, especially near the top, like it was pre-11ty
  • finish project pages
  • get gallery page back up
  • journal/blog page
  • maybe make just the center of the 3d bgs higher resolution, and the periphery lower res?
  • actually figure out RSS this time oohghg