nine moonbeams

welcome to my website!

this is a little place where i can be myself and share my projects and interests in peace.

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happy stargazing & happy dreaming~

update log

  • Sep 25 2022 - added an art page! + Ko-fi buttons! + new navbar + homepage bg sprites disappear when the page width is too small
  • Sep 23 2022 - added some links to the links page, changed hover effect for "books" in the library
  • Sep 21 2022 - another big update! added RNAworld page + css tweaks + changed Loktis book + color palette changes because i am NEVER satisfied + homepage background scenery changes + todo list!
  • Sep 14 2022 - biiig update! made homepage more consise, added about me page & lots of format changes + more responsive layouts
  • Sep 08 2022 - created Worm Series page and updated the Loktis Project page
  • Sep 04 2022 - created the about me page! finally, the navbar is complete! (even if said about me page is very much a work in progress)... + updated distant crossroads in homepage bg
  • Sep 04 2022 - created the shrines page and a shrine for my friend's character tilde! + updated loktis page
  • Aug 27 2022 - conesssss
  • Aug 26 2022 - added a page for Loktis! + more format changes all over + bg crossroads on homepage + unfinished projects are darker, clickable images/buttons in library & crossroads glow when hovered
  • Aug 24 2022 - added links page! (wip)
  • Aug 23 2022 - minor format and text changes + added library to the bg on the homepage!
  • Aug 22 2022 - changed text box background color
  • Aug 21 2022 - updated homepage and added update log; added projects page (no links working yet)


  • gallery page bg
  • unclutter update log since it's just gonna keep getting bigger... could i just say when the latest update was and move the whole log elsewhere? and the todo list too maybe... more room for stuff on the main container
  • change up my homepage a bit
  • more buttons n stuff! those are fun
  • lil gifs and flourishes to add more of a personal touch
  • try doing smaller updates maybe
  • finish all the project pages and shrines I haven't done yet
  • add more links
  • garden bg
  • look into setting up RSS? maybe?
  • journal page?
  • gallery page? with tags?
  • OCs page??
  • VIDEOS page???
    • definitely not with this storage space or without an external host
  • make the images on the homepage bg not mess things up on mobile somehow