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Project Status: gradual progress
a small gray star surrounded by a spherical cage, with a big red star in the background

The Loktis Project is a (perhaps overly ambitious) experiment in storytelling.

It is about the inhabitants of a solar system trapped in a time loop; every X years, time is rewound to the beginning, and everything – including everyone's memories and accomplishments – are rolled back. The only way they can reach the outside world is through an infinitesimally small viewport, through which only light can travel.

Trapped in this unprecedented situation, they must adapt. As they wrestle to keep what little independence they have left, they will be faced with questions of memory, consciousness, life, and death.

i'm still figuring out how i want to tell TLP, but i intend to have at least some animated videos with 2D character animation, low-poly 3D environments made in Blender, and some original music, as well as a web-based portion inspired by Hypnospace Outlaw and Homestuck.

i've been brainstorming the universe of The Loktis Project for a while now – actually, it started out as a continuation of the worm series! however, it eventually got too silly, and too far from the source material, so i decided to recycle the parts i liked most into a new universe. it was an awkward transition, and it's gone through a lot of changes since then, but i now feel much happier with the world and story now that i'm free to make them anything i want!

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