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welcome to the worm page

i know it's silly to give such a thing its own page like this, but it is very relevant to me as a creator

the Worm Series (aka "Spore as a Pitiful Worm") is a dumb little Spore challenge playthrough i did on my youtube channel back in 2017-2018 that, for whatever reason, got really popular. this had effects in the long run.

worm spin

the gist of the challenge was, esentially, to try to complete the game with the most basic creature possible; one with no eyes, no legs, nothing whatsoever except an herbivore mouth.

it was a very difficult and tedious task (which is an enjoyable activity for me, apparently) but eventually i made it through!

however, among other technical issues, OBS would randomly decide to stop recording visuals and leave me with long sections of blacked out video with only sounds remaining. re-recording wasn't an option, so instead i (rather poorly) reanimated the lost footage to the best of my memory and ability.

a very poorly made animation of some worms attacking a creature

i kept doing this whenever i lost footage (or simply forgot to press record) and eventually it became a staple of the series!

the whole thing concluded with an hour-long video of the space stage that ended with a roughly 13-minute long cinematic, which was probably the greatest thing i had ever created up to that point?? i guess putting way too much effort into things that don't matter is just my thing! regardless, it was a really fun project to work on, and i'm glad a lot of people seemed to like it too.

a slightly less poorly made animation of a spaceship shooting down another

while i had a lot of fun (most of the time) working on the videos, i never really meant for them to blow up as much as they did, since their intended audience at the time was the Thrive community. so uploading my videos to such a massive, unexpected audience was honestly a little bit terrifying, and made me keep trying to one-up myself (which is partly why the final video is The Way It Is)

and though the story had concluded, thoughts were brewing in my dumb lil head about how i could jump this dead shark as high as possible.

enter: WORM LORE

a convoluted-looking timeline

this is an actual diagram of the movement of ONE OBJECT across the timelines. i'm so sorry.

Looking back on it, it's kind of a little embarrassing. it was meant to expand upon previous events and serve as a continuation, but its tone was wildly different, it "retconned" so much of the "source material," and its plot quickly became Homestuckian levels of convoluted for no good reason.

still, it was fun to work on, and i did come up with a few interesting mechanics and plot points, so I ended up recycling the ideas i enjoyed into an original thing, which became what is now The Loktis Project!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! womrs

but still, i can't separate my online existence from this one stupid little playthrough. it was the thing that singlehandedly made me popular on youtube and forced me to ask the question, "Do i Want To Be A YouTuber?"

It's been... a difficult question to answer. Every video i uploaded, i was terrified by the thought that people might not like them, and my brain laser focused on the negative feedback and it wouldn't get out of my head. those numbers were driving me crazy. i tried posting a little bit more, even made an update video that said i intended to, but i just... couldn't keep doing it. even looking at my channel still makes me feel really anxious.

part of it might be the sort of fanbase i cultivated, and how it doesn't really match up with the stuff i'm wanting to do in the future.

but that's not to say i want to reject the possibility of people being able to discover and enjoy stuff i do! i'm even open to the possibility of communicating with fans online, but i don't want to be worshiped or put on a pedestal, ironically or not. it'd be nice to talk to people, but it feels like the sorta thing that'd be really easy to mess up.

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