the study

(about me)

hi, i'm artemis image of one of my personas
art by my friend dixpence!
  • they/them
  • 20+
  • USA (PST)

  • obscure, indie, community-driven, open source stuff!
  • nonstandard storytelling ig?
  • evolution, biology, & nature
  • UI design
  • a lil bit of various nerdy stuff

who am i?

i'm a person who enjoys making things of all sorts and telling stories in different ways! i'm most familiar with digital art, but i've also dipped my toes in game development, music composition, and 2D & 3D animation. i have a variety of large projects in the works, some much more ambitious than others.

it's been a while since i've been doing art regularly, actually. most of my work has gone into those aforementioned projects, which require a lot of different skills (and i haven't really gotten to the art-heavy parts of them yet)

i'm also a volunteer graphics dev for the open source evolution game Thrive! i'm not as active nowadays, but i was a very avid contributor and community member back in the day, and i still try to help out occasionally!

elsewhere on the net, i usually go by Narotiza, and i have a moderately popular youtube channel of the same name, so if you happened to already know of me, i'll bet it's from there! i have a lot of Thoughts on my presence on youtube, but i don't want to completely drown this page in them (like i did last time) but i guess i'm distancing myself from the platform for the time being since i find posting there very stressful.